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Deciphering the connections between the real and the financial dimensions of economic organizations.

Note: Professors Geoffrey Harcourt, Jan Toporovsky and Mark Hayes ( in the picture) are not associated with Kaleidoscope. Andres appreciates their willingness to appear in the picture with him after Dr. Harcourt's confererence on Joan Robinson's academic life at Cambridge. The same note applies to Dr. Rod O'Donnell who participated with Andres in a pannel on fundamental uncertainty at the "International Pos Keynesian Conference" held in Kansas City 2012.



- Macroeconomic analysis

- Statistical and econometric analysis

- Non probabilistic analysis of uncertainty

- Creation of alternative economic systems   of production    

- Teaching of economic theory and history of economic thought  




- Portfolio decisions of investment and the structure of production

- Shackle's potential surprise function and the formation of expectations in a monetary economy

Create your economic future

Our objective at Kaleidoscope Economic Research is to offer high quality answers about the impact of macroeconomic policies and organizational economic decisions on productive structures. We instruct our clients on how to take advantage of the fundamental uncertainty that surrounds their organization. We connect our analytical tools with your goals.



Our potential clients include but are not restricted to:


- Research institutes and universities

- International economic institutions

- National and local governments

- Communities

- Unions

- Political parties

- Business associations

- Corporations

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